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Parents & Guardians:

The unfortunate day has come in which we must advise that we have cancelled the 2020 Box Lacrosse season in Cranbrook. We worked hard to prolong this decision in hopes that the unpredictable COVID 19 situation would give us some light at the end of the tunnel but that is not the case. The city has let us know that it is a near impossibility that the community arenas would be open before June 15. When combined with the suspension of Alberta's season we have no legitimate playing options. We will begin the tedious process of refunds shortly. We are going to refund the entirely in the method that you paid of registration minus a $15.00 service charge that will assist the CLub in covering some of the costs already incurred. We have worked hard over the past 4 years to develop a financially healthy Club and as such we will be using some reserve funds in order to refund the majority of your registration fees. Please allow us 5-10 business days to process these refunds, it is a process and our volunteers only have so much times. We are now in the process of lobbying the BCLA to refund the money we were required to send them in January for insurance to ensure we can remain financially health. 

In our clubs spirit of adapting and changing we are advising you that we are currently in the process of planning for a June outdoor program (if allowed) and further a July/August field lacrosse program. We have put some details below and will ensure we send further details once we have them.

We have developed lacrosse over the past 5 years to be on of the most popular and fastest growing clubs in the province. Although we are concerned about the long-term effects of having to cancel our season, we are committed to putting together a a fun and exciting summer program and further, using this time to revamp and develp our 2021 Box Lacrosse program to be the best ever. 

If you have any questions or concerns please email:

Thank you for your support and understanding during this incredibly odd and surreal time. Stay safe and healthy.


The Cranbrook Lacrosse Executive


Karyn Yasinsky

Cranbrook Lacrosse President



Badgers Sports Inc.

Mission Statement:

To work with local sports bodies as well as volunteers and athletes to create an all encompassing positive and engaging sports experience.


2020 Cranbrook Box Lacrosse - Season UPDATE

As per Cranbrook Lacrosse President, Karyn Yasinsky, the 2020 Box Lacrosse Season has been CANCELLED in direct relation to the current COVID 19 Pandemic.

We are currently processing ALL MINOR BOX LACROSSE REFUNDS. Please be patient during this unprecedented process.

Those registrants who registered LESS than 90 days ago, your refund will go directly on the credit card you registered with (unless otherwise directed by Karyn Yasinsky, Club President). You can contact her at:

Those registrants who registered MORE than 90 days ago, your refund will be issued by cheque and will be available upon pickup as directed by  Karyn Yasinsky, Club President). You can contact her at:



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