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Field Lacrosse

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT re: 2021 Field Lacrosse!

We wanted to let everyone know that we are cancelling the upcoming field lacrosse season. We were going to hold a short season that included a tourney with a number of Alberta field teams attending. With the large spike in the Delta variant of COVID-19 and the Alberta government's approach of no-testing or contract tracing, we did not feel comfortable holding the tournament and putting the athletes in a position where, 10 days before school, we take a chance in holding a super-spreader event.

Although we are disappointed we are also excited and focused on a revamping of Badgers Field Lacrosse during the fall of 2021 and the summer of 2022.

Any players that have sent payment will be sent a refund within 10 business days. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to stay tuned for fall events.

Russ Sheppard
Lacrosse Director



- To support and encourage the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide.
- To appeal to the next generation of sport participants and fans
- To provide greater access to lacrosse by elimating barriers to entry (cost, team size, field size)
- To create greater competitive balance internationally
- Fits within the 21st Century framework for the olympic games (reduce the cost and complexity of staging the games, hard cap on athlete quota)


What is the Cranbrook Badgers Field Lacrosse Club?

The Cranbrook Badgers Lacrosse Club was introduced in 2014. The objectives of the program are aligned with similar programs that coach Russ Sheppard has been involved with throughout Canada, specifically The Kugluktuk Grizzlies, The Edmonton Razorbacks, The Hill Academy and True North Lacrosse.

Club Objectives

  • To provide an experience based on fun, dedication, and personal responsibility.
  • Promoting, protecting and respecting the game of lacrosse, its history and its future.
  • The program is committed to working on character development and will foster all types of players to personally progress.
  • Through specifically selected tournaments/game opportunities, the program will develop the game intelligence needed to continually progress to the next level.
  • To develop and maintain a program that focuses on developing fundamentally sound players.